Asahi is a Japanese company listed on the Stock Exchange for the first time in the world as a store specializing in bicycle retail. As of May, 2017, we own 450 domestic stores as a large-scale bicycle chain store ‘Cycle Base Asahi’, and 5 stores in China by Chinese subsidiary, `Asahi (Beijing) Bicycle Trading Co., Ltd.’.
We built so-called "specialty store retailer" in the bicycle industry to manage the whole system; product planning to production,distribution and sales. This is the base of our constant growth.

We aim to raise our share in Japan from current 17% to 25% (based on number of sales. Our estimate.), and achieve 500 domestic stores in 2020.

And in the future, we would like to become a social infrastructure in the bicycle use and also the company which can contribute to the creation of the new culture of the bicycle.

Since bicycle is a splendid vehicle which anyone can enjoy readily, it is thought that users will increase not only in Japan, but around the world as well.

We have the operation know-how which cultivated more than 40 years from the store specializing in bicycles. Based on this know-how, our strength is an ability to make proposals, and a perfect after-sales service by our staff who acquired special knowledge and skills.

In addition, as a specialty store retailer, we are able to produce our original, more attractive product, by reflecting the voice of the customer to our products, and by making use of the economy of scale due to an overwhelming sales volume.

‘Bicycles can make a real difference, and it is our goal to help make that difference for people all over the world.’ To realize our management philosophy, we want to help people all over the world to spend more brilliant and satisfying days with using bicycles.

Why don’t you join us, and contribute to the creation of new culture of the bicycle by spreading the attractiveness of bicycle all over the world together?

President and Representative Director  Yoshifumi ShimodaPresident and Representative Director  Yoshifumi Shimoda

May. 20, 2018  President and Representative Director  Yoshifumi Shimoda

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